Before & After: Riverside Retreat Bathroom

Before: Dark, dusty, dated.

After: Bright, clean, coastal.

The existing bathroom had been updated since the house was built in 1912, but was in desperate need of a refresh.
Situated central to the upstairs bedrooms, the owners wanted to keep family in mind and incorporate a tub and a double vanity, where the previous bathroom only had a shower stall and single sink. We were lucky enough to be able to borrow some room from the adjacent bedroom's closet to create a bathing alcove with a nice, deep bath tub. This opened up the space, and allowed us to move the toilet to the opposite side of the room so it wasn't showcased as much upon entering. 
The mix of chrome fixtures and marble-look of the tiles is classic, but we chose porcelain for durability. Being so close to the beach, it was our goal to create a coastal, casual feel with a touch of luxury. 

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